Progress Reports - Instructors

Follow the steps below to file a progress report.

Email Notification

You will receive an email asking for your feedback for students in your class. The email includes a direct link to the progress report where you will enter your feedback.

The link expires on the date listed in the email. After that date, the campaign is over, and you will no longer be able to provide information for the students using this method. Be sure to complete your student feedback on or before the deadline date.

Alert Workflow

Students will be contacted by trained Student Navigators when instructors raise alerts. The Student Navigators inform the student of the concern and offer compassionate behavioral modification recommendations or share personal stories. Students will be contacted first by phone or text and through email as a final attempt. Email will be used once students know it is being sent. These email messages will include resource and contact information for tutoring hours, advising office information, or other campus resources. When Student Navigators identify opportunities for tutoring or academic advising support, the case will be reassign appropriately and an appointment will be scheduled for next steps toward improvement.

Entering Student Feedback

Click on the link in the request notification email to view the Student Feedback screen and start entering your feedback.

You will see alert reasons you can use to help define our student's performance. Please only include one alert reason (or cause for concern) and provide additional concerns or context in the comments area of the feedback form. NOTE: You will notice a reason called 'High Five!' This alert can be used to identify students who have performed exceptionally or who have made noticeable improvement.

Student Feedback form - includes roster of students and allows you to select whether you have concerns about the student, the reason, number of absences, current grade, and comments

You have been asked to fill out progress reports for students in the following class(es).

  • If you have no concerns with any student, select “Submit unmarked students as not At-Risk (I'm FINISHED)” and the Progress Report process is complete. The form assumes all students not marked At-Risk are making sufficient progress.
  • If you have marked the students for whom you have concerns but all other students are making sufficient progress, select “Submit unmarked students as not At-Risk (I'm FINISHED)” button and the Progress Report process is complete. No further feedback can be provided after selecting this option.
  • If you have students for whom you have concerns but you do not have time to complete your feedback request from, select “Submit only marked students (but I'm NOT DONE)” This option allows you to submit only the students you have marked on the report so that you can return to it later. This can be very helpful if you only have time to fill out part of the feedback form. Instead of leaving the form pulled up on your computer, you can submit your work, return, and finish later by clicking the link in the request notification email. Remember, however, you will want to complete your submissions before to link expires.

Please enter information in the Absences, Current Grade and Comments box as appropriate. NOTE: These boxes are optional but the more feedback you pass along to advisors and support staff, the easier it will be to get the student the help they need.

Important Notes

  • You only report Alert Reasons on students if you marked “YES” for having a concern or which to share a 'kudo' about a student's performance.
  • Only include one concern (Alert Reason) per student. If additional concerns exist, include them in the Comments area.
  • Only the 'Non-academic Concern' Alert Reason triggers an email message specific providing the student with several resources.
  • The comments you share will help provide context for Student Navigators and the advisor as they follow up with the student. If an alert triggers an email, the emails will not include your comments. 
  • Because Jayhawk GPS integrates with Outlook, any email notifications sent to the advisor or Student Navigator when you raise an alert will appear from the instructor who raised the alert. Please note, the advising community often activates their KU email ‘out of office’ notification to auto reply so that students are aware of current advising information. Please simply disregard the auto reply message.
  • Athletic Academic Counselors in Athletics are sent email notifications informing them when an alert is raised on a Student Athlete or a case is opened.