Navigate Student App

Jayhawk GPS is the most convenient way for you to track your academic advising information. You can access your advising notes, current course schedule, and schedule appointments with your advisor. Navigate Student is the student-centered companion app to Jayhawk GPS, providing you with easy access on your phone.

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The Navigate Student app is available from the App Store and Google Play Store. Or, if you prefer, you can log in to the mobile version

To-Dos and Appointments

Using the Navigate Student app you can schedule advising appointments and get reminders and alerts about important deadlines.

Navigate Student App + Jayhawk GPS: (apple with check mark icon) To-Dos Check upcoming campus to-dos and events, (calendar icon) Appointments see your list of advising and tutoring appointments

Resources and Holds

You can also use the app to discover resources, including directories to offices on campus and receive alerts about holds and how to resolve them.

Navigate Student App + Jayhawk GPS: (notebook icon) resources - find offices, advisors, and instructors that offer support, (triangle with exclamation point icon) Holds 0 see any holds on your account that prevent enrollment

Class Schedule and Reports

Lastly, through the app, you can view all your classes for the semester, sync your current class schedule with your phone calendar, and review appointment summaries, notes, and progress reports from the past 180 days.

Navigate Student App + Jayhawk GPS: (book with watch icon) Class Schedule - View your list of classes for the semester, (magnifying glass over spreadsheet icon) Reports - View your appointment summaries, notes, and progress reports