External Resources

Below you find links to how to guides from EAB and links to resources from campus partners.

Accessing EAB Resources

EAB keeps up-to-date resources and how-to guides. Highlighted below are some of key instructions. This information is available based on user roles and permissions. To access them: 

  1. Click on any of the linked resources below.
  2. You will be taken directly to EAB's Help Center where the item you selected will be provided. NOTE: You may be asked to provide institution-level authentication if you are not already logged in to Jayhawk GPS or other SSO supported systems. Simply select 'University of Kansas' from the list of school options and click the 'Login' button. You will then be take to the KU SSO page to sign in.

You can also access additional resources using the Search for Help Articles just below the Help Center link in Jayhawk GPS.

EAB Resources

  • Advanced Search

    Advanced Search lets you create unique cohorts of students based on the layering of search parameters that can then be used to monitor or reach out to for additional support.

  • Appointments Campaigns

    The Eligible Appointments tab within a campaign lets you associate appointments that should be counted toward the campaign, but were scheduled without using the campaign link. Advisors can also associate an appointment when completing an appointment summary. An additional dropdown box will appear if the student is attending an appointment that matches a campaign in which the student was included. Beginning March 2022, users have the ability to set up nudges to remind students to schedule an appointment associated with a campaign.

  • Appointment Center

    The Appointment Center lets staff manage appointments at an individual location. To open Appointment Center, click Additional Modes at the bottom right of the screen and select Appointment Center. This feature is primarily used by staff, especially front-desk workers or others who help to manage appointment scheduling at a specific location.

  • Availability & PALs

    PALs are personal appointment links advisors can place in email signatures providing students and easy way to schedule appointments when needed. These PALs are still limited to students assigned to advisors.

  • Calendar Syncing - Syncing Your Office 365 Calendar

    Syncing your Outlook calendar to Jayhawk GPS allows for all scheduled appointments when no other meetings or obligations are present in your Outlook calendar. Only sync your calendar in the live platform, not the training platform.

  • Calendar Syncing FAQ

    Check out these helpful tips when syncing your calendars.

  • Class Information Tab

    Pending on access and permissions, the student profile view provides a tab including currently enrolled and historical class information for unofficial records review purposes.

  • Creating Student Lists

    Student lists help student support staff and advisors keep track of students. Lists can be created using the Advanced Search or uploaded as a .csv file. Users have the flexibility to filter based on students (or not in) the lists using features such as Advanced Search or Intervention Effectiveness.

  • Documenting a Student Interaction

    Documenting student engagement allows for such things as reporting, clear and consistent communication with other advisors and support professionals, etc.

  • Documenting Appointment No Shows

    When documenting when a student does not appear for a scheduled appointment, the current workflow is for users to NOT check the attended box in appointment summary itself and also leave a note in the appointment summary that says "No Show."

  • Emailing and Texting

    Communicating with students through the platform creates records of those communication which can be accessible by other staff or faculty on your campus.

  • Global Term Filter

    Historically, Jayhawk GPS relied on a 'global term filter' to separate all term information. This filter is being removed beginning Spring 2022 and term filters will appear for features only when term filters are needed. Some of the features impacted by this update include, but are not limited to, Advanced Search, Appointment Center, Staff Home and Student Home. Filters to identify term information will appear separately when using each feature.

  • Kiosk

    Kiosks can be a helpful workflow management tool for staff, such as Front Desk Workers, to track attendance or log student activity. Users with permission to open the Kiosk can click 'Additional Modes' at the bottom right of the screen and select 'Kiosk'. Be sure to close any other open windows to prevent any unauthorized data being viewed by students.

  • Messaging Campaigns

    Messaging Campaigns let staff reach out to specific student populations and encourage them to take certain actions. It does not include an appointment link, but can include a tracked URL or Personal Availably Link.

  • Notes

    Notes offer an additional mechanism to jot down information about a student, collaborate across Care Units, and create a record of information provided directly to the student. Unlike Appointment Summary reports, notes are not tied to specific appointments, nor are they specifically formatted. Use this help center resources to learn more about the Notes feature.

  • Reporting (V3) *NEW Fall 2023*

    Introduction to new reporting user interface. Watch the webinar offer by EAB walking users through a side-by-side comparison for how reporting has evolved from version 2 to version 3. Also download the V3 Reports Starter Pack showing users how to use filters to pull data they're used to pulling when supporting their teams.

  • Saved and Scheduled Reports

    Saved Reports give staff users the ability to save student and activity filters for a particular report to which they have access, much like a Saved Search. This allows users to re-run the search quickly and efficiently without having to reselect the filters each time they access the report.

  • Staff Dashboard

    The dashboard is designed to give you an at-a-glance, actionable information about students who are assigned to you and an overview of ongoing or recent activity.

  • User Preferences

    Users have the ability to identify certain perferences and defaults within the staff platform such as default landing page and default term. Over time, additional options will be added so check back from time to time.

  • Why Isn't My Calendar Syncing?

    If you're having issues with with your calendar syncing correctly or finding appointments double booking or entire blocks not syncing, this help center resource may provide you with some ideas for fixing the issues.

  • Deep Dive into V3 Reporting

    V3 Reports contain data and analytic insights related to student success programs. The V3 reports will produce the same results as our legacy Reports or V2 Reports, which are still available. The legacy Reports will be sunset at a later date.