Appointment Scheduler

English teacher standing at the front of a classroom in front of a projector screen

Faculty Mentors have the ability to use the online Appointment Scheduling functionality with Jayhawk GPS.  The Jayhawk GPS Appointment Scheduler allows advisors to establish dedicated times to meet with students. With Jayhawk GPS, students have a convenient way to schedule an appointment online at a time that works best for you. Since the Appointment Scheduler can be set to sync with your Outlook calendar, you are not forced to manage two calendars. Meeting types can be career mentoring, graduate school guidence, research, major and department involvement, and more. 

Instructions for setting up your Jayhawk GPS Appointment Scheduler, establishing dedicated times to meet with students, and syncing your calendar with Outlook are located on the Staff External Resources page or you can contact for additional assistance. If interested in serving as a faculty mentor, contact Jayhawk Academic Advising and/or have your supervisor complete the request form.