Navigating Your Academic Success
Guidance. Persistence. Success.

Jayhawk GPS is a Student Success Management System designed to establish an online connection between a student and their academic support network which includes their academic advisors, instructors, and other support staff.

Jayhawk GPS. Guidance. Persistence. Success.

Jayhawk GPS provides a student’s academic support network with the tools to:

  • identify students needing extra assistance in critical foundational coursework;
  • collaborate with others in a student’s academic support network to enhance the assistance provided to a student;
  • monitor a student’s course enrollment, progress to degree, and advising engagement;
  • suggest pathways to a degree based on the student's academic strengths; and
  • find students who might benefit from targeted academic engagement opportunities on campus.

The tools provided by Jayhawk GPS are valuable for academic advisors,instructors, and staff as they provide academic guidance to undergraduate students and support student persistence from year-to-year. Jayhawk GPS also provides student-facing features that help enhance how students engage with their academic advising experience at KU and supports students as they work with their academic support network to navigate their academic success.

As of the Summer 2019 semester all undergraduate advising units at the University of Kansas Lawrence and Edwards campuses are using Jayhawk GPS to track their undergraduate students' academic success: 

  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
  • School of Architecture and Design 
  • School of Business 
  • School of Education 
  • School of Engineering 
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communications 
  • School of Music  
  • School of Pharmacy 
  • School of Social Welfare 
  • Undergraduate Advising Center



All academic advising appointments are taking place virtually due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the need for practicing social distancing.

Fall 2020 begins with more onboarding of student support units.

Fall 2020 semester we continue to roll out Progress Reporting with updated workflow testing other available features.

Spring 2020 semester was spent piloting the Progress Report / Early Alert feature in partnership with the Undergraduate Advising Executive Committee (UAEC), School of Business and the academic advising community.

Spring 2020 semester the TRIO Office has found success in using Jayhawk GPS to schedule and track tutoring appointments.

Fall 2019 semester the Jayhawk GPS companion app, Navigate Student, becaming available for undergraduate students to schedule advising appointments and much more!

Fall 2019 semester TRIO is piloted tutoring support using Jayhawk GPS to track their tutoring appointments.