Jayhawk GPS

Jayhawk GPS logo - map pin formatted to look like a Jayhawk, text: Jayhawk GPS Guidance. Persistence. Success.

With Jayhawk GPS and the Navigate Student App Students Can:

Make an in-person or virtual appointment with your advisor or another member of your Success Team, see upcoming deadlines, see your class schedule, find campus resources, and more! You can also use the Navigate Student App to access Jayhawk GPS information anywhere, anytime. Download it today!
student meeting with staff member with a KU folder on the table in between them

Your Guide to Success

Used by all undergraduate advising units at the Edwards and Lawrence campuses, Jayhawk GPS allows students to schedule appointments, review their appointment notes, see upcoming campus deadlines, and more! 

Staff Benefits of Jayhawk GPS

  • Identify students needing extra assistance in critical foundational coursework

  • Collaborate with others in a student’s academic support network to enhance the assistance provided to a student

  • Monitor a student’s course enrollment, progress to degree, and advising engagement

  • Suggest pathways to a degree based on the student's academic strengths

  • Find students who might benefit from intentional, proactive outreach for academic engagement opportunities on campus

  • Reporting on student engagement to track unit metrics to build and meet student success goals