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EAB Glossary of Key Terms

Glossary of Key Terms
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Alerts are a way for an instructor or advisor to indicate when a student may be at risk of not passing a course or is in a situation that could interrupt their academic progress. Alerts can notify different users across Jayhawk GPS, as well as the student.

Advanced Search

Filtering student related data points to fine-tune a list of students.

Advising Queue

The queue tracks students who are waiting to see an advisor, either after they've checked in for a pre-scheduled appointment or are waiting during drop-in times. 

Advising Report

Post advising meeting summary, notes, and/or reminders. These catalog important details about the meeting and display within the student’s profile.

Assigned Students

If you have students assigned to you as an advisor or through another role, you will see them listed on your Jayhawk GPS home dashboard. This allows you quick and easy access to see and interact with them.

AvailabilityPre-defined days and times you will be available to meet with students. Setting up your availability is required before students can schedule appointments with you.  It is critical that you sync your Jayhawk GPS and Outlook/Exchange calendar to avoid double bookings of appointments.
CalendarAllows users to see all courses and scheduled appointments. If your calendar is synced with Outlook it will also display free and busy times. Additionally, courses will only be available to view if you are a student or are reviewing a particular student.
Calendar Sync

Jayhawk GPS can sync your Outlook 365 calendar with the Calendar inside Jayhawk GPS. This allows advisors to create availability to meet with students.


An act of proactively outreaching to a targeted student population. There are many different types of campaigns (i.e., appointment, progress, and enrollment).

CasesAs part of the Progress Report process workflow, a ‘Case’ is opened when an instructor raises an ‘Alert’ (or warning that the student is at risk for failing their course). The opened Case informs the student’s assigned advisor that action is needed to help the student identify solutions for improvement.
CategoriesA student can belong to multiple categories. The categories to which a student belongs display at the bottom of the student’s Overview page. With appropriate permissions, users can search for students assigned to a particular category in Advanced Search. Examples include: Residence halls, student athletes, veteran status, Trio, etc.
Conversations (messages)

All (read and unread) received messages are located in the Conversations area. This is the same place as the small envelope at the top of the page; however, the icon at the top is only for UNREAD (think "notifications").

Dialog BoxIndicates that you have minimized advising reports by displaying the number and offering a direct link to each.
Download CenterA repository of your recent personal reports and search information for future reference. NOTE: Items will be stored and displayed for 30 days from when it was created. You will no longer be able to access these items after that 30 days has elapsed.
EABName of the platform vendor, although we refer to the platform as Jayhawk GPS.
HomeDefault home page will be based on the "type" of role you have. If you have multiple roles, there will be an arrow next to your default role. Click the arrow to switch between roles (e.g., advisor to tutor or advisor to student (your student account if you took or are taking classes at KU).
KioskAllows advising and tutoring offices to enable self-service check-in for appointments and allows administrators to report on activity. Students who check in through the kiosk will appear in the advising queue.
Lists & SearchesThis tab, on the left side of the screen, keeps track of your saved Student Lists and Saved Searches (from Advanced Search) that you would like to replicate each semester. Saved Searches keep the parameters you set, where Student Lists saves specific students.
LocationsThe unit or school where advising and tutoring services are offered. Appointments may occur in that specific location or at an individual advisor’s office. Check appointment confirmation notification email for detailed appointment location information.
Look UpThis is the student search. Please search by student ID, EMPLID, or type in first and last name. 
MessagesDisplays UNREAD messages you received through the platform.
News & AnnouncementsReminds you of your upcoming tasks to complete.
NotesAllows you to share any additional information that may be outside of an advising appointment. If you want to indicate an appointment took place, file an ad hoc Advising Report by clicking “Report On Advising” on a student’s profile page. This feature retroactively creates an appointment. 
Progress ReportsCourse instructors receive an email notification (Progress Report Campaign) requesting their feedback on student progress. Instructors have the ability to raise an ‘Alert’ for a student who may be at risk for failing the course. The student is notified through email which provides them with resources and information to help them self-adjust their behavior and successfully complete the course. Some ‘Alert’ reasons rise to the level where the student’s assigned advisor is also notified so intentional outreach can occur to inquire about additional assistance and guidance. When an advisor is notified, a ‘Case’ is opened as part of the workflow.
Quick LinksWhen viewing a student’s profile, links allow you to quickly access other advising resources outside of Jayhawk GPS.
ReportIn the “Reporting” section of the platform, university and academic leadership users can view summary reports on the data located in and captured through Jayhawk GPS. This section contains reports summarizing data on: progress reports, alerts and cases, appointments, enrollment, student information, student services, tutoring, and advising.
Saved SearchesKeeps the parameters you set when you completed an advanced search. This list will continually update itself based on criteria used when filtering the original student search and can potentially show different students meeting (or not meeting) specific search criteria.
SemesterThe next semester (as a default) will switch in the platform on the last day of finals.
ServicesType of advising appointment (e.g.,  Enrollment / Holds, Probation / GPA Concerns, Admissions / Re-admission, Financial Aid / Progress, Semester Planning, etc).
Student ProfileA set of information about the student and their academic performance at the University of Kansas.
Student ListsManually created and maintained by a user for whatever reason they desire (e.g., a list of students who had a certain type of scholarship, students who were not dismissed and given a second chance, or maybe something positive, like they might earn the right GPA for an honors program).
User PreferencesUsers have the ability to identify personal preferences such as signature, default care unit, etc. Items available in user preferences are based on role permissions. Updates can be made by clicking on the user avatar in the top right corner of the dashboard.