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What is Jayhawk GPS?
Jayhawk GPS is an online platform that provides you with a convenient way for you to track your academic advising information. You can access all your advising notes, current course schedule, and schedule appointments with your advisor. Every undergraduate student on the Lawrence and Edwards campuses has access to the platform through the web (
What can I do with Jayhawk GPS?
Jayhawk GPS allows you to schedule appointments with your advisor (if they have availability), view your class schedule, and access all your advising notes. The Jayhawk GPS companion app, called Navigate Student, also allows you to monitor holds on your student account, check out campus resources, make to-do lists, and stay aware of KU academic dates and deadlines.
How can I meet with my advisor?
Due to the Coronaviris (COVID-19) outbreak and the need for practicing social distancing, we have moved all advising support to virtual support. All advising appointments are taking place by phone or other technical methods (Skype, Zoom, email, etc.) If you already have an advising appointment scheduled, your advisor will be in contact with information on how you will connect during your appointment time. If you do not hear from your advisor, please call the appropriate advising unit for further details.
What type of advising appointment should I make?

Depending on why you want to meet with your advisor, there are different types of advising appointments. When scheduling an appointment, choose the option that best describes why you want to meet with your advisor. Below is the full list of advising appointment types with descriptions for each to help you select the correct type of advising appointment. You can also add in additional information/details during the appointment scheduling process. Please note that not all advising offices offer all types of advising appointments.

  • Admission/Readmission
    • Prospective interest in a school or major to which you are not yet admitted
    • Interest in being readmitted to school, department, or major
    • Application and/or admission requirements for a school, department, or major
  • Career/Graduate School
    • Identifying career interests
    • Exploring potential majors that may align with your intended career interests
    • Exploring graduate programs of study relevant to your interests
    • Application and/or admission requirements for a graduate program
  • Enrollment/Holds
    • Preparing for next semester’s enrollment
    • Learning about solutions to holds preventing enrollment
    • Follow-up questions to a previously-scheduled enrollment advising appointment
    • Discuss current semester issues such as credit/no credit, grade concerns, and/or schedule changes
  • Financial Aid/Progress
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals
    • Other financial aid appeals
    • Discussing financial challenges and identifying resources/potential solutions
    • Requesting support in seeking financial aid (letters of recommendation, etc.)
    • Completing paperwork required for financial aid
    • Scholarships
  • Graduation (Seniors)
    • Reviewing requirements remaining for your degree at least one semester in advance of your intended graduation date
    • Questions regarding commencement ceremonies, regalia, and other logistical matters
  • Probation/GPA Concerns
    • Completing a probation action plan
    • Discussing what academic probation means and identifying next steps
    • Discussing challenges (academic, personal, or otherwise) that may contribute to low grades
    • Discuss grade concern in current class(es)
  • Semester Planning (Future Semester Planning/Long-Term Planning) 
    • 4-year plans or 2-year plans
    • Graduation Plans
    • For next-semester enrollment, please select the “Enrollment/Holds” option!
    • Study Abroad
    • Internships
    • Campus involvement
Who has access to see my information in Jayhawk GPS?
Only you and your academic advising team. Your professor cannot access Jayhawk GPS to view your advising information unless they also serve as your academic advisor. Even if your parents have delegate access through Enroll & Pay, they are unable to see anything in Jayhawk GPS. The information advisors see about your academic record in Jayhawk GPS comes from Enroll & Pay. Advisors that you are assigned to will be able to see any appointments you’ve scheduled, your academic record (e.g. final grades, past and present courses), and notes from advising appointments.
What is Navigate Student?
Jayhawk GPS provides a companion app called Navigate Student to provide you with easy access to schedule advising appointments, campus resources and enrollment holds. You can download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play; just search "Navigate Student." Once the app is downloaded, you will be asked to select your institution and then directed to log in using your KU online ID and password.
I just resolved a hold; why is it still showing up in the Navigate Student app?
Hold information is updated every 24 hours in Navigate Student, so check back tomorrow to see if it's successfully been resolved in the app. If this issue persists, contact
How do I change my notification settings in the Navigate Student app?
Notification settings can be changed under the Settings icon within the Navigate Student app.
I can’t schedule an appointment because there are no available times to meet.

You can only schedule appointments when your advisor lists availability. If they are fully booked or have not updated their availability, you may not be able to schedule an appointment with them. Call your advising office for assistance with scheduling an appointment. 

I don’t have an advisor.
You are assigned an academic advisor or team of advisors based on your major. Please contact your academic advising office to let them know you are unsure of who your assigned advisor is and to schedule an appointment.
What if I need to cancel my appointment?
You are able to cancel appointments through Jayhawk GPS by selecting the appointment and clicking cancel. If you prefer to call, make sure you contact your academic advising office.
What if an advisor cancels on me?
Sometimes advisors have to cancel because they are away from the office unexpectedly. If this happens, you will get instructions on how to reschedule or a proposed time for rescheduling via email. 
What happens if I don’t show up to an appointment?
If you missed a scheduled advising appointment, your advisor will mark you as a no-show. Your advisor may reach out to you to reschedule, but this is not guaranteed. If you are unable to make it to an appointment, you should cancel or reschedule your appointment through Jayhawk GPS, or call your advising office prior to missing the appointment. Cancelling or rescheduling appointments in advance allows another student to get in to meet with the advisor and helps the advisor ensure they can meet with as many students as possible.

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