Staff FAQs


The system is for undergraduate academic support purposes and priority access is given to ensure compliance with FERPA. All KU undergraduate students and academic advisors with assigned advisees on the KU Lawrence and Edwards campuses automatically get access. Supervisors of non-academic advising support staff can submit a request for access but it does not guarantee access. Duties must entail advising as a central duty and align with the overall system priorities and vision to be granted access. 

Your students will be able to schedule appointments with you, their class schedule and scheduled appointments in a calendar view, notes about the appointment, and messages you send them. They cannot see any reminders you set or information about other students. 

Check with the contact within your department to confirm assignments have been uploaded through the SIS (Enroll & Pay)  process. 

If you are unable to see any students, there is a chance your students have not been assigned yet. Please email a specialist in your department with questions regarding the assigned students.

Jayhawk GPS provides you with viewing options for students not assigned to you by using the search tools. If you have the approved permission settings, you can locate a student by using the magnifying glass at the top right corner or through the Search functionality in the navigation bar. 

Jayhawk GPS sends out individual email messages for each student anything more than one student is included. 

There is not a max set on the number of students that can be included on a message. 

No, currently Jayhawk GPS only retains the initial interaction only.

Student data are fed into Jayhawk GPS from Enroll & Pay and are refreshed nightly.   

“[Appointment Cancelled]” or “[Appointment Notification]” - These are two most common Subjects sent from Jayhawk GPS. This can be helpful if you like automatically sort your email.