Faculty FAQs


We work with the advising leader in each unit to determine who should have access to the system. Each school/college has established usage expectations and guidelines for their undergraduate faculty advisors.  

If you are a faculty advisor, you should already have access to Jayhawk GPS. Access occurs when you are assigned students to advise. If you do not have access and believe you should, please contact your academic unit's advising director or Jayhawk GPS Specialist

Jayhawk GPS is an undergraduate advising technology. As an instructor, you are not expected to use the system. However, as a faculty advisor, if you are unable to see any students, there is a chance your students have not been assigned yet. You will want to contact your academic unit's advising director.

Jayhawk GPS is built for and used only by faculty and staff members in formal undergraduate academic advising roles. Jayhawk GPS builds upon some of the resources available in the Advising Tool and expands them to allow clear communication across advising units. Students are able to schedule appointments with their assigned advisor(s) through the platform (when an advisor sets availability). Jayhawk GPS also has advanced features like campaigns and watch lists, which help advisors monitor and communicate with specific students or groups of students. Similar to other platforms on campus, Jayhawk GPS receives data from Enroll & Pay and is refreshed nightly. Jayhawk GPS does not replace the Degree Progress Report (DPR).  

The Advising Tool (myKU Portal) is the system intended to support graduate student advising needs. Jayhawk GPS is intended to support undergraduate advising. While some graduate student information can be found in the system, not all is available. The system was not originally developed to support the needs for graduate students however EAB is interested in growing in this area.