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Scheduling Appointments

Jayhawk GPS is a communication management system used to help students connect to advisors. The online appointment scheduler makes it easy for you to schedule online appointments with academic advisors. Scheduling appointments is an easy way to help you succeed.

Jayhawk GPS Dashboard

  • The right side of the dashboard contains a scheduling button that allows you to pick why you are needing to meet with an advisor.

Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment with an advisor is simple and straightforward. Follow the prompts, as to who and what you need help advising with and Campus will help you pick an advisor that is available to meet with you.

Choose your responses as they apply to your needs.

The location of the advising appointment, is based off of your current major and minor. After making that selection, choose your advisor.

The Online Scheduler automatically shows which day(s) and time(s) the advisor is able to meet with you. To see past the current week, use the arrows to see other potential meeting times your advisor has available to meet.

After deciding which day, click on the blue box to select your preferred meeting time

This screen allows you to review the details of the appointment, as well as add any additional comments you would like your advisor to be aware of beforehand. Make sure to click on “Confirm Appointment” to finish scheduling. After clicking on “Confirm Appointment” both you and your advisor will receive a confirmation email to your respective KU email address.

Deleting/Editing An Appointment

To delete an appointment, click on the appointment name on the right side of the screen.

Click on "Cancel My Attendance", select a reason to cancel, and then be sure to click "Mark as Cancelled".

To edit or make changes to a previously scheduled appointment, call the respective front desk to have the changes made.

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