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Scheduling Appointments Instructions

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the need for practicing social distancing, all advising appointments are taking place virtually. Your advisor will be in contact related to how your appointment will take place. Please contact your advising unit if you have further appointment questions.

This page provides instructions on scheduling and canceling advising appointments. This can be done using the Navigate Student App or from a computer. The instructions for using the app are listed first, with the computer instructions listed below. If you prefer there are also Scheduling Appointment Instructions available to download. 


Navigate Student App


Check out this video if you want a quick video tutorial on how to schedule an appointment using the app!

Schedule an Appointment 

Navigate Student is the companion app to Jayhawk GPS. It provides easy access to advisor appointment scheduling. You can also cancel or change your appointment times using the app. After downloading the app select “University of Kansas” as the institution. This should redirect you to the KU login page.  Login with your KUID and password. Note: when you update your KU password you will have to login again to the app. The first time you log in, you will be asked a series of questions and then land on the main app screen. To make an appointment click on the appointments button. If you have a hold, the banner at the top of the screen will be red.


To make an appointment click on schedule appointment at the bottom of the screen. Then select what type of appointment you would like to make (academic advising).

Select the reason for your appointment and continue on to the next step.

Select your prefered location. Location is this case means what school or department you wish to interact with. Remember, all advising appointments are taking place via phone or video conferencing at this time.

Select your advisor and choose from the available times that advisor is free to meet.

Finally fill out the confirmation page. This includes a comment section and selecting an email or text message reminder. Click confirm appointment to finalize.

Canceling/Editing an Appointment

Go to your list of upcoming appointments. Click on the appointment you wish to cancel. This will bring you to an appointment details page. Scroll to the bottom of the appointment details page and click on cancel appointment.

Select the reason for canceling the appointment.  You can also add any additional comments about why you are canceling if needed. Click on the cancel appointment button to confirm cancelation. After canceling, it will take you to a confirmation page. If you wish to reschedule you can click the button at the bottom of the page.


Jayhawk GPS Web Platform


Check out this video if you want a quick video tutorial on how to schedule an appointment using the web platform!

Scheduling an Appointment

Click on the "Schedule Appointment" button on the right side of the dashboard. This will allow you to pick why you are needing to meet with an advisor.

Jayhawk GPS dashboard


Scheduling an appointment with an advisor is simple and straightforward. Follow the prompts, as to who and what you need help advising with and Campus will help you pick an advisor that is available to meet with you.

Choose your responses as they apply to your needs.

Screen to select type of appoitnment and reason for appointment

The location of the advising appointment, is based off of your current major and minor. After making that selection, choose your advisor.

Screen to selection location preference and name of advisor

The Online Scheduler automatically shows which day(s) and time(s) the advisor is able to meet with you. To see past the current week, use the arrows to see other potential meeting times your advisor has available to meet.

Calendar view of available time slots for morning or afternoon

After deciding which day, click on the blue box to select your preferred meeting time

Calendar view of detailed time slot availability and time slot selection

This screen allows you to review the details of the appointment, as well as add any additional comments you would like your advisor to be aware of beforehand. Make sure to click on “Confirm Appointment” to finish scheduling. After clicking on “Confirm Appointment” both you and your advisor will receive a confirmation email to your respective KU email address.

Appointment detail screen with confirmation button

Canceling/Editing An Appointment

To delete an appointment, click on the appointment name on the right side of the screen.

List of upcoming appointments

Click on "Cancel My Attendance", select a reason to cancel, and then be sure to click "Mark as Cancelled".

Cancel appointment screen with Mark as Canceled button

To edit or make changes to a previously scheduled appointment, call the respective front desk to have the changes made.

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