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Commonly Asked Questions


What is Jayhawk GPS?
Jayhawk GPS is a platform designed to help academic advisors and other academic support staff monitor a student’s academic progress while allowing students to connect directly with their academic advisor(s). The GPS stands for: Guidance. Persistence. Success. Jayhawk GPS is a Student Success Management System (SSMS) provided by the Educational Advisory Board (EAB). The system combines the early alert, predictive analytics, case management, advising workflow, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools that have historically been provided through individual and specialized platforms.
How is it different from the Advising Tool?
Jayhawk GPS is built for and used only by faculty and staff members in formal undergraduate academic advising roles. Jayhawk GPS builds upon some of the resources available in the Advising Tool and expands them to allow clear communication across advising units. Students are able to schedule appointments with their assigned advisor(s) through the platform (when an advisor sets availability). GPS also has advanced features like campaigns and watch lists, which help advisors monitor and communicate with specific students or groups of students. Similar to other platforms on campus, Jayhawk GPS receives data from Enroll & Pay and is refereshed nightly. Jayhawk GPS does not replace the Degree Progress Report (DPR). 
If I have access to the advising tool, do I have access to GPS?
Not necessarily. We work with the advising leader in each unit to determine who should have access to the system. Each school/college has established usage expectations and guidelines for their undergraduate faculty advisors. 
How do I get access to the GPS?
If you are a faculty advisor, you should already have access to Jayhawk GPS. If you do not have access and believe you should, please contact your academic unit's Jayhawk GPS Specialist.
How do I use Jayhawk GPS?
Faculty Advisors can find resources and walkthroughs we have put together. For training specific to your department, please contact your Jayhawk GPS Specialist.
What is Navigate Student?
Jayhawk GPS provides a companion app called Navigate Student to provide undergradaute students with easy access to schedule advising appointments, campus resources and enrollment holds. Students can download the app to a mobile device through the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).
Why am I unable to see students enrolled in my course when I log in?
As a faculty advisor, if you are unable to see any students, there is a chance your students have not been assigned yet. Please email with questions regarding the assigned students

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