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Commonly Asked Questions


What is Jayhawk GPS?
Jayhawk GPS is a platform designed to help academic advisors and other academic support staff monitor a student’s academic progress while allowing students to connect directly with their academic advisor(s). The GPS stands for: Guidance. Persistence. Success. Jayhawk GPS is a Student Success Management System (SSMS) provided by the Educational Advisory Board (EAB). The system combines the early alert, predictive analytics, case management, advising workflow, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools that have historically been provided through individual and specialized platforms. Although Jayhawk GPS has early alert and predictive analytics capabilities, we are not referring to this platform as an “early alert system” or a “predictive analytics system,” instead, please use the term student success management system. 
Which professional staff and faculty get access to this system?
You will have access to this system if you are an academic advisor for undergraduate students on the KU Lawrence or Edwards campuses. Your duties must entail advising as a central duty to be given access.
What can I do in Jayhawk GPS?
You will have access to the academic advising data for undergraduate students. Student data are fed into Jayhawk GPS from Enroll & Pay and are refereshed nightly.  This new system allows you to:
  • Write and view notes from advising appointments;
  • Set your availability for appointments with students;
  • See student data (e.g. final grades, class schedules);
  • Search for students based on specific criteria (e.g. students in major A, who have not completed a specific course, have a GPA of X.XX, and who are sophomores); and
  • Create and manage campaigns. 
What is a campaign?
A campaign is a way of proactively reaching out to students and tracking the results of that outreach.  A campaign allows an advisor to identify a group of students (e.g. advisees who have not yet enrolled in courses for the next semester), reach out to the identified student with instructors for a specific action (e.g. schedule an advising appointment), and formally tracks whether a student completes the request. 
What do my students see?
Your students will be able to schedule appointments with you, their class schedule and scheduled appointments in a calendar view, notes about the appointment, and messages you send them. They cannot see any reminders you set or information about other students.
How do I get training?
You will receive training from your department's Jayhawk GPS Specialist. If you need additional resources, we have collected guides that can be found in our resources section. Additional trainings can be found on our training sign-up page
What is Navigate Student?
Jayhawk GPS provides a companion app called Navigate Student to provide undergradaute students with easy access to schedule advising appointments, campus resources and enrollment holds. Students can download the app to a mobile device through the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

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