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What is Jayhawk GPS and who uses it?
Jayhawk GPS is a student success management system and is used by KU undergraduate students at the Lawrence and Edwards campuses and their academic advising team.The GPS stands for: Guidance. Persistence. Success. 
What is a student success management system?
A Student Success Management System (SSMS) is a term used by EAB to describe their technology platform. A SSMS is designed to combine the early alert, predictive analytics, case management, advising workflow, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools that have historically been provided through individual and specialized platforms. In short, SSMSs allow academic advisors to stay up to date on their assigned students’ academic progress and for students to have open communication with their advisors about that process. In the past, institutions like KU had to rely on multiple platforms for early alerts and predictive analytics to monitor success. Our SSMS, Jayhawk GPS, provides all these resources through one platform.
What is EAB?
EAB is the name of the educational research and consulting company KU has contracted to provide the university with our student success management system, Jayhawk GPS. EAB offers various membership options, and KU is a member of the Student Success Collaborative (SSC). For more information about the SSC, visit their website.
How is Jayhawk GPS different from other technologies?
Jayhawk GPS is a platform designed to connect undegraduate students with their academic advisor(s). The platform provides advisors with various tools to monitor individual student success and progress. 
​What can Jayhawk GPS do?
Jayhawk GPS allows academic advisors to review a student’s academic record and to create and review advising appointment notes. Academic advisors and other academic support staff can also utilize a broad range of Jayhawk GPS’s functionality to individualize and target the support they provide their students. The system also allows advisors to setup online appointment scheduling, making it easy for students to view advisor availability and schedule appointments as needed. 
Who gets access to Jayhawk GPS?
Currently, only undergraduate students and their academic stupport network (professional academic advisors, faculty advisors, those with an educational need-to-know under FERPA) have access to Jayhawk GPS. 

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